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India becomes the second country with the most cases of coronavirus

India became the second country in the world with the most cases of covid-19, after the United States and ahead of Brazil, at a time when the pandemic regains strength in the United Kingdom and France and the death toll increases by Latin America, the region most mourned by covid-19.

In fact, the Asian country registered this Sunday, with 90,632 new cases, the world record for infections in one day.

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India, the second most populous country on the planet, registered 4.2 million infections this Monday since the health crisis began, compared to 4.12 million in Brazil and 6.25 million in the United States, according to an AFP count based on official figures.

It counts more than 71,000 deaths, compared to 188,540 in the United States and more than 126,000 in Brazil. According to virologist Shahid Jameel of Wellcome Trust / DBT India Alliance, there is concern about “quite alarming” rate of increase in infections.

In the last two weeks, the average increased from about 65,000 to 83,000 daily cases

“In the last two weeks, the average increased from about 65,000 to 83,000 daily cases, a increase of approximately 27% in two weeks and 2% per day“Jameel told AFP.

Despite this, the metro in large Indian cities, including Bombay and the capital, New Delhi, a megalopolis of 21 million inhabitants, resumed service on Monday after months of closure.

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Sun and beach in Rio de Janeiro

Worldwide, the pandemic killed more than 880,000 people since the end of December and infected about 27 million, according to an AFP count from official figures.

Latin America and the Caribbean is the most affected region in the world with almost 290,000 deaths and more than 7.7 million infections. This Sunday, Ecuador reported 10,524 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic by modifying the official counting methodology.

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And Bolivia, due to communication problems between regions, also reported an increase in its global balance of deaths from covid-19, which It has been placed at more than 7,000 since the start of the pandemic.

In Peru, which has the highest mortality rate in the world With 90 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, the Health Ministry said that half a million people totally defeated the coronavirus after having been infected since March
So far, 683,702 confirmed cases of coronavirus have been registered in the Andean country, with 29,687 deaths.

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Even so, the surveillance and restrictions continue, which made the invited couple and the evangelical pastor who were celebrating a wedding in the city of Huancayo, in the center of the country, were arrested for not having respected the rules, which prohibit gatherings of such large people, police said.

In Brazil, thousands of people, some of them without a protective mask, congregated on the famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro during the weekend despite the fact that the authorities only allowed people to take a bath, without settling in the sand.

“We are afraid, but the happiness of being here on the beach is stronger,” said Mateus da Silva, 24, who was without a mask.

After several months on a plateau with a daily average of more than a thousand deaths, the South American giant registered a slight decrease since the end of August and computed in the last week an average of 869 deaths and about 40,000 infections each day.

The Ministry of Health affirms that the numbers show a “dip” in the curve, but independent specialists maintain that the improvement is still “very timid” and “very recent”.

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Economic consequences of the pandemic

While the third largest economy in Asia eased some of the virus-induced restrictions, your outlook still hasn’t improved after have its worst contraction on record in the June quarter.

Recent earnings are exaggerated and the economy is getting worse

Chokkalingam G, Chief Investment Officer at Equinomics Research & Advisory Ltd said that “professional investors fear a correction will take place because recent earnings are exaggerated and the economy is getting worse … Retail investors, unlike professionals, are still very excited to participate. “

For his part, Deven Choksey, Managing Director of KRChoksey Investment Managers Pvt, said that the increasing infections and lockdowns in some states are affecting the pace of economic recovery.