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‘La Migra’ denies that the raids in the midst of the pandemic seek Trump’s re-election | The race

The national operation of the Immigration and Customs Control service (ICE, for its acronym in English) that recently ended the detention of 2,000 undocumented immigrants has aroused criticism, not only for taking place in the midst of the coronavirus but also for having announced it two months before elections.

Immigration agency raids fuel the president’s campaign rhetoric Donald trump and its Administration, which have focused on pointing out the immigrants as criminals, in trying to stop them and deport them and in making it difficult by all means for people from other countries to start a better life in the United States.

For these reasons, activists and organizations defending migrant rights have accused ICE of going out to search for undocumented persons with criminal records to give a discursive boost to the president’s reelection campaign.

The financial debacle to which the coronavirus has led the country has left Trump without being able to boast of a robust economy. In addition, your Government has received harsh criticism for the management of the pandemic, which has already claimed the lives of almost 190,000 people in the country, according to the University Johns Hopkins.

The protests against racism and police brutality have also marked these almost four years of the Republican in the White House, while he insists insistently on applying “law and order.”

“We see it as an electoral measure by Donald Trump, who seeks votes for your election and he thinks that by sacrificing our community he is going to ingratiate himself with his tough electoral base and win the elections, “he told Univision Juan José Gutiérrez director of the Coalition of Full Rights for Immigrants. Gutiérrez has made a call to take to the streets of Los Angeles on October 11 against the “repression” of immigrants.

However, David Marin, director of ICE in Los Angeles, said Friday that there is no link between Trump’s re-election campaign and the arrest of more than 2,000 immigrants in 10 states. between July 13 and August 20. The federal agency had frozen its operations due to the pandemic but on September 1, nine weeks before the elections, it announced that such raids had been carried out.

“U.S we do this type of operations regularly. Three, four, five times in a year we do these operations with specific objectives. Our agents do this every day, ”Marin said.

The Marin office, which covers seven Southern California counties, detained more than 300 immigrants. According to him, they only arrested one person who was not on his wanted list.

The organizations have asked immigrants to be prepared for future raids and that do not open the doors of your homes to ICE, unless the agents have a court order in the name of someone who lives in the home.