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Landau recognizes work of Mexican workers in the US

Photo: Taken from Twitter @USAmbMex


On Labor Day, which is celebrated this Monday in the United States, Ambassador Christopher Landau recognized the work done by millions of Mexican workers in his country to boost the economy.

This day is a holiday in the American Union so there are no official activities.

Today is #LaborDay (Labor Day) in the United States, a holiday that honors our workers (and marks the end of summer for many). In all work there is dignity. I would like to acknowledge and thank the great contribution of the Mexicans who work in my country ”, he highlighted.

Similarly, he recognized the American and Mexican workers who work in the embassy and the network of consulates that the United States has in Mexico.

On this day, I would also like to acknowledge and thank all the staff of the diplomatic mission that I have the honor to lead. From Tijuana to Merida, we have a great team — most of whom are Mexican. Enjoy a well deserved break today! Enjoy this Labor Day in Mexico! ”, He highlighted.

In response to the proposal of a follower about the need to promote a new Bracero program, similar to the one that was created in 1942 and which provided labor to the agricultural labor market, the diplomat agreed.

Thank you very much for your public recognition of the hand and mind of the migrant, not only Mexican in general. With the retirement of the Baby Boomer’s and the crisis of social security (retirement) in the USA. It is time to create a Bracero 2.0 Post pandemic program ”, proposed @rikardogonzalez on Twitter.

Totally agree. It is a great priority for me, ”said Ambassador Landau.

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