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Lety Calderón reveals if she will take her children to the prison to visit Juan Collado | The race

The actress confesses if there is a possibility that her children visit Collado in the prison, where she has been under investigation since July 2019

Juan Collado, current husband of Yadhira Carrillo, was acquitted of tax fraud for 36 million pesos, one of the three crimes of which he is accused, before this, Lety Calderon he reacts and reveals whether he will allow his children to visit him in prison.

During a meeting with the media, the protagonist of ‘Esmeralda’ assured that she was not informed of the situation of the father of her children Carlo and Luciano: “I have no idea, I would have to read it and verify it to be able to comment. It is complicated, nobody wants this situationHe shared.

The actress, who is currently recording the telenovela ‘Imperio de Mentiras’ next to Angelique boyer and Andres Palacios, revealed that it is not closed to the possibility of their children visiting Collado in the prison, where he has been under investigation since July 2019, however, it has not been easy to hold the meeting.

This possibility has always existed, my children have always had the desire to go see their father, the thing is that we cannot go to train, sign up on the list and enter, it is not so easy, I am always waiting for Juan to call and tell me to take them and happy with life“.

In addition, she revealed to the cameras of the ‘Ventaneando’ program that they have been in constant communication and she supports him, especially with the care, attention and education of young people. “He has always recognized that, he has spoken with the children lately but we do not touch the subject so much, he is calm, he is very close to God and with the hope that everything will be solved“.

She assured that her children always like their dad talking to them: “I wish I could talk more often, but they like it and they get excited“.

Finally, Calderon revealed that he has never had communication with the current sentimental partner of Juan Collado.