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Samuel García asks López Obrador to ‘take out his hands of choice’ in Nuevo León

At the beginning of the electoral process for the June 6, 2021 elections, the Senator of Movimiento Ciudadano and candidate for governor, Samuel García Sepúlveda, asked President Andrés Manuel López Obrador “to remove his hands from the election” and that it respects Nuevo León.

García Sepúlveda mentioned that this Monday begins the 2021 electoral process, the largest and most complex in the history of Mexico. “In the midst of a pandemic, we respectfully tell the president to take his hands off the election and respect Nuevo León.”

He added that Nuevo León “is cooking apart”, and therefore, he said, the state will not follow the national trend of a certain color (cherry) in the next election, “as some in power believe it will.”

The MC senator, who has openly said that he is seeking to be the next governor of the entity, commented that “just as it happened in 2018, the Senate election was won, the largest in the state with 527 thousand votes.”

For this reason, Nuevo León confided in 2021 “it will break with what some and some in power believe will happen, it will paint orange again.”

At last we are facing the largest electoral process in the history of our country, “which those of us who recognize in it the highest expression of citizen will eagerly await, having the opportunity to renew different positions of popular election and thereby be part of that great rudder that governs the course of our destiny as a society, “said the senator,

Finally, he pointed out, “that the will of the citizens in 2021 be respected and defended by our INE, its advisers and the president, Lorenzo Córdova. It is how much.”