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The top 10 foods with the greatest cleansing power | The race

Lightening the body of toxins is a great tool to enhance health and fill us with vitality. Meet the top 10 foods with the highest purifying capacity and hepaprotectors

The liver is the most important organ for promoting purification of the organism, however derived from a poor lifestyle, bad eating habits and the high stress levels It is very normal that I know saturate with toxins and substances They depress your overall functioning.

For what the liver can optimally perform your detoxifying work different enzymes intervene, which have the peculiarity of acting on each potentially toxic substance and so facilitate your removal process. The good news is that nature is wise and puts food from great hepaprotective power, which are characterized by their diuretic and purifying properties.

The benefits of promoting a good debugging process are immense, not only will the process of removal of toxins and waste substances from the body. It is key to fight free radicals and promote removal of accumulated heavy metals.

Detoxifying the body is also one of the most fundamental measures to ensure weight loss, deep cleaning the body promotes slimming through the elimination of toxins, excess fat, refined sugars, alcohol and the consequences of all kinds of unbalanced diets; these waste substances can saturate and block the body’s natural elimination pathways, causing inflammation and making it difficult to lose weight.

Based on the above we present the top 10 foods that naturally activate the pathways elimination of toxic and harmful substances. They are the perfect ally to purify, reduce inflammation, lose weight, gain health and regain energy.

The 10 foods with the greatest cleansing potential:

1. Purifying and detoxifying vegetable broth

The soups and broths they can be a great medicinal ally and especially according to the ingredients you use are a magnificent cleansing food. Vegetables and vegetables that cannot be missed are celery, leek, carrot and onion, all you have to do is boil them in plenty of water without oil or salt. Add medicinal herbss to enhance their diuretic benefits as is the case of parsley and basil, the recommendation is to consume a bowl at lunch and another at dinner for 7-9 days.

2. Dandelion

Dandelion It is one of the plants of greater medicinal power of nature, is obtained from the plant Taraxacum officinale and they are attributed wonderful anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and anticancer properties. However, it is classified as one of the plants with the greatest purifying power, in fact for thousands of years it has been used as a great ally to treat various digestive disorders and fight liver diseases. Its great detoxifying effects are due to taraxin, its main component that stands out for its great capacity to regenerate the liver and to protect it against toxic substances and excess fat. Thanks to your powerful cleansing effect other important health aspects benefit, such as reduced inflammation, regulates high blood glucose levels and fight hypertension.

3. Kombucha

Currently the popularity of fermented foods has grown like foam, this is because they are considered a great ally to enhance health. Kombucha today has become one of the drinks that cannot be missing in any medicinal diet, it is a fermented black tea sweetened with bacteria and yeast very similar to those found in kefir. While it is a drink with great qualities, among the main ones is its high content of glucuronic acid that favors elimination of toxins through urine. To this is added its content in probiotics and antibiotic substances that protect and improve the operation of the intestinal flora.

4. Lemon

Lemon is considered one of the fruits of greater therapeutic potential, its consumption is related to great medicinal benefits. Among its most outstanding qualities that satisfactorily promote the debugging process, you will find your ability to alkalize the blood and thus promote the elimination of all types of toxins. To this is added its great antioxidant power and exceptional content in vitamin C that strengthens the immune system and fight all kinds of degenerative diseases. Consuming it fasting in conjunction with a 100% natural and non-processed diet is a great way to enhance debugging.

5. Turmeric

In recent years turmeric root has become one of the most important ingredientss to take care of health at a natural level and no side effects. Although its consumption is associated with great advantages for the digestive, respiratory, immune and cardiovascular systems, is also a good ally to accelerate metabolism and promote weight loss. All thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power, which is related to its curcumin content. One of the great qualities of consuming turmeric relates to his power to detoxify the body, according to a study published in Journal of Applied Toxicology, this food has protective effects on the oxidative stress of cells, based on this the study concluded that the turmeric may eliminate toxins that are not necessary in the body.

6. Nettle

Nettle is a wild plant that is related to great medicinal properties. The most common way of consume it is an infusion, which is a popular remedy to combat excess uric acid, kidney stones, edema, dermatitis, cystitis, allergies, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Another of its great qualities is due to its power of alkalize the blood, promotes the elimination of toxins and is a good ally to treat anemia, chronic fatigue and nutritional deficiencies. It is also related to great anti-inflammatory properties, which benefit the removal of retained fluids and fight chronic inflammation.

7. Black radish

The black radish in many occasions goes unnoticed, however it is a food of great therapeutic potential. The black variant that receives the scientific name of Raphanus sativus niger, is the most used medicinally and this is due to its content in sulfur substances that promote liver drainage, bile secretion and emptying of the gallbladder, preventing the formation of stones. All this is related to great qualities to facilitate intestinal transit and renal and diuretic activity.

8. Artichoke

Artichoke is a vegetable full of nutritional and medicinal qualities, is low in calories and is related to weight loss benefits. However, its greatest quality is due to its powerful diuretic action, which acts on the fluid retention, stimulates kidney function that is to say, increases the volume of urine and eliminates fluids. For the same reason, its consumption as a vegetable and in infusion is a great cleansing remedy, this is because it acts at the intestinal level as a mild laxative eliminating toxins and waste substances. It is also characterized by its content in glucuronic acid, which enhances the enzymatic process.

9. Cumin

Cumin is a very popular condiment in the kitchen which is used to fill all kinds of dishes with flavor, however it is an herb of great healing power. Are attributed aperitive properties, digestive, carminatives, antispasmodic, diuretic, purifying, slimming, hypoglycemic agents, estrogenic, anthelmintics and slightly sedating. It calls in a special way the power of its seeds that are characterized by its limonene content, a terpene that increases liver enzymes involved in elimination of carcinogens and toxic agents that impair the functioning of the body.

10. Ginger

We can’t leave without mentioning the immense benefits of ginger, is one of the most valued spices in natural medicine and that is why its consumption is related to all kinds of health benefits. Is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, considered a great ally for digestive and respiratory health and its consumption is key in the disease prevention. It is a stimulant of Hepatic enzymes and is associated with great advantages for promote the purification of the organism.