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‘There have been fewer infections for 6 weeks’

Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, reported this Sunday night that deaths from COVID-19 amount to 67,558 and that there are 634,23 confirmed cases.

During the conference on the situation of the pandemic, he assured that there has been a reduction in infections for six weeks, although a slight rebound is estimated in these that could extend to the beginning of January next year due to the connection with the influenza season .

He added that to control this rebound, the application of healthy distance measures should continue and he insisted on washing hands, staying one and a half meters from other people and in public spaces, he recommends the use of a mask.

López-Gatell Ramírez explained other indicators that have been useful for monitoring the pandemic, where he mentioned that the estimates during week 35 indicate a total of 667 thousand 634 cases, where he considers that there are 41 thousand 796 active cases, this presents a reduction 15% compared to the previous week.

Regarding hospital occupancy, he specified that the saturation of beds in the general category nationwide totals 31,246, of which 21,992 are in service, that is, 32% are occupied and 10,154 are available.

The entities with the highest occupancy are Nayarit, with 57%; Nuevo León, with 56%; Colima, with 52%, while Hidalgo and Mexico City register 45%.

Regarding the beds for people who need mechanical ventilation, of the 10 thousand 472 in total nationwide, the occupancy percentage rises to 28%, of which 7 thousand 545 are available and 2 thousand 927 remain occupied.

In this area, the states with the highest occupancy are Colima, with 50% in first place, followed by Aguascalientes, with 49%; Nuevo León, with 45%; Mexico City, with 43%, and in fifth place is Baja California.


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