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They set up tables to collect signatures on the trial of former presidents in front of the National Palace

This Sunday, in front of the National Palace, half a dozen people set up a couple of tables to collect signatures to request that a survey be carried out to decide whether to prosecute former presidents for alleged acts of corruption; here long lines of pedestrians who want to sign formed.

Because in the surroundings of the Zócalo of Mexico City, tables of various groups have been set up requesting the signatures of passers-by -from Morena militants, youtubers, to members of the Mexican Union of Electricians (SME) – this caused an altercation between two of these, as there is confusion about the form to be filled out and to whom the signatures will be delivered.

One of the groups accused that some people are collecting the signatures to deliver them to deputies of Morena and that they are using a format that has no legal basis.

Due to the provisions of the Constitution, from September 1 to 15, requests may be received for a citizen consultation in which the population is asked if they want former presidents to be prosecuted for acts of corruption.

That request can be made by citizens -who must collect at least 2% of the electoral roll-, legislators or the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who has mentioned that he will wait until the end of the allowed period to make a decision. .