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This Toyota hydrogen bus is capable of supplying electricity to houses and cars | The race

Having electrical energy is something that should never be lacking, however, sometimes events that are alien to man occur that nature itself is responsible for generating, ending with electrical energy in homes and industries.

In this situation, Toyota In collaboration with Sling, is working on a portable electricity generator capable of supplying homes and even electric cars, it is about Moving e, designed to supply the electricity grid in the event of natural disasters or as support during events, generating up to 490 kWh of energy.

The Moving e consists of electric generators and portable batteries, and is ready to start testing this September, so its development is already quite advanced.

Said electric generator is based on the fuel cell bus Toyota Fuel Cell Bus, and has a Toyota charging station for electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids, as well as two Honda Power Exporter 9000 portable generators and 56 portable batteries: 20 Honda LiB-AID E500 and 36 Honda Mobile Power Pack (MPP), adding 36 loading and unloading packs for MPPs.

Fuel Cell Bus Charging Station. / Photo: Courtesy Toyota.

According to information from Motorpassion, this electric generator on wheels is capable of supplying energy in a radius of up to 100 kilometers compared to a hydrogenerator, offering a maximum of 490 kWh of electrical energy at 18 kW of power, or up to 240 kWh if you have to travel to refuel some 200 kilometers.

The bus can move to areas affected by natural disasters and provide electricity enough to the affected regions, however, both companies are still going to test it this month to assess what the needs of the users could be and its feasibility of use.

The interior of the bus has been adapted with a rest area, serving as a support and shelter area for the inhabitants of the affected areas, as well as workers from the emergency services.