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Who will receive financial support from the IRS this week and next | The race

IRS has a check mailing schedule.

Photo: Jeff Fusco / Getty Images

The initial schedule for sending stimulus checks or debit card established in the CARES Act ended last week, but the Tax Collection Office (IRS) continues with the issuance of pending support.

September 4 was the last day aid was sent, but there is a group that recently requested your support, to whom the benefit will be sent on September 11.

In addition, people with incomes less than $ 12,000 a year and $ 24,000 a year per couple They can still request the maximum stimulus on October 15.

It should be remembered that although the calendar is in the final stretch, it only marks the shipment, so those with income between $ 170,001 and $ 200,000 dollars annually this week and the next will receive the aid via check, because they must count 14 additional days from the issuance of money.

IRS keeps its portal open for any questions, since any eligible person can consult, for example, why has not received the payment, especially when the system shows an issue date.