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Why don’t McDonald’s burgers spoil? | The race

The size of the hamburgers is one of the factors that produce this phenomenon

If there is no moisture, it is very difficult for a food to spoil.

Photo: WikimediaImages / Pixabay

McDonald’s hamburgers don’t rot for the same reason that pretzels, jerky, dried beans, and other non-perishable foods we eat, they stay edible for a long time: they are dry.

Because the hamburgers made by this chain are small and thin, they have a large surface area, but are low in volume. This makes the burger dry much faster, according to Mashed.

Also, these burgers are cooked at high heat until cooked through, so they are left with few organisms that can cause food spoilage.

This lack of deterioration of hamburgers does not happen with all those that McDonald’s sells, since the largest, due to their size, will develop mold and spoil before drying.

McDonald’s offered an official explanation for this phenomenon, saying: “To decompose, certain conditions are needed, specifically humidity. Without sufficient moisture, either in the food or in the environment, bacteria and mold may not grow and therefore spoilage is unlikely. This way, if the food becomes dry enough, it is unlikely that it will grow mold or bacteria or spoil. “

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