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Will challenge Progressive Social Networks decision to deny registration with TEPJF

After the National Electoral Institute (INE) denied the registration of Progressive Social Networks (RSP) as a political party, José Fernando González Sánchez, president of the organization and son-in-law of teacher Elba Esther Gordillo, reported that they will challenge this decision before the Court Electoral Judicial Branch of the Federation (TEPJF) because it assured that no help was ever received from any union, nor were gifts offered for citizens to join.

In a digital rally, in which the general secretary of RSP, Jerónimo Esquinca Cano, also participated, as well as the National Commissioner for Linking and Social Participation, René Fujiwara Montelongo -gordillo Morales’s grandson-, José Fernando González Sánchez indicated that the magistrates of the TEPJF are the ones who will have the last word and accused that in the session last Friday, RSP was evaluated unfairly and arbitrarily.

“We do not accept their intrigues disguised as public debate and as a kind of unhealthy interest, as guardians of a political class and of a society that is fed up. We are fed up with being seen as minors.

“We did not receive help from any union, nor did we offer any gift and all the contributions are clearly consigned in our reports, according to the regulations and we do not violate a single legal precept and not a single regulatory line.”

The RSP leader pointed out that during the session of the General Council of the INE, the teachers were offended, whom he pointed out, they wanted to present as minors and that they could be manipulable people and, in addition, guilty for enjoying union rights, “even, They saw them with a citizen disability and that hurt and offended us. “

In their session this Friday, the INE advisers refused to grant RSP registration as a political party because they considered that there was interference by the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) in the constituent assemblies of this organization.