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Britney Spears’ boyfriend comes out for the first time in his defense due to the fierce criticism he receives in networks The race

“We need more people like them and less ‘Karens’,” Sam Asghari snapped to an Instagram user who said she was afraid of a post by the pop princess

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari.

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

This weekend Sam asghari has come out in defense of his girlfriend Britney Spears in a very forceful way through social networks.

As a general rule, The handsome 26-year-old prefers to ignore malicious rumors about his girl’s physical and mental health. However, one of them has managed to make him extremely angry recently for ridiculing the content of his account. Instagram, in whose creation he actively participates as an amateur photographer.

It all started when one of the singer’s followers, who identifies herself by the name of Kelly Oxford on said platform, He assured in the comments section of one of his publications that the photographs and videos that Britney uploads had begun to “scare him.” What you probably never imagined is that you would receive a direct response from Sam himself.

“What’s wrong with the biggest star in the world being herself (funny, humble and authentic) without caring what other people think?”, has countered her boyfriend, who did not stop there. “We need more people like them and less ‘Karens’”, has added using a derogatory nickname that is used to refer to rude and nosy people, especially if they are middle-aged white women.

By the way, the model and trainer – who met Britney in 2017 recording the video clip for ‘Slumber Party’ – has also remembered Kelly that Instagram “installed ten years ago” a button that you could have freely pressed to unfollow Britney.

The truth is that the artist has given a lot to talk about in the last year by sharing on her profile impromptu fashion shows in your hallway or videos in your dressing room, that have nothing to do with the carefully measured content that other celebrities upload to their public profiles. Some of his fans have even become alarmed by taking for granted that he would be going through a new crisis like the one that nearly cost him his career in 2008.