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Change the world, one work at a time makes the leap to the web – L’

The In-Terre-Actif Network of the Solidarity Committee / Trois-Rivières has just launched the site to allow the public to admire the works produced by adolescents as part of the 9e editing the project Change the world, one work at a time.

It is to highlight the work of reflection and creation carried out by the people and groups who took part in the 9th edition of the project that this site was launched.

Remember that due to the pandemic and the health measures put forward, the 2019-2020 edition of the project Change the world, one work at a time had to postpone the exhibition of selected works scheduled at the POP Museum in Trois-Rivières in April 2020.

This virtual exhibition brings together the selected works from the 9th edition in four distinct sections, but also presents works from previous editions that now make up the collection of works for the project.

In addition to the works, the site promotes the messages conveyed by their authors as well as, quite often, photos of the creation process. A history of the project also recalls the progress and achievements of Change the world, one work at a time since he started.

The website will be periodically enhanced with new creations that will be added to the project’s collection and by the works that will be selected to be exhibited as part of the annual edition of the project.

In addition, the POP Museum will present the exhibition for the 2019-2020 edition from November 10.