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COVID-19: the government sets up a regional alert strategy –

Faced with the recent upsurge in the number of COVID-19 cases in Quebec, the government prepared and presented a four-level regional alert and intervention system.

“We have been preparing for several months in anticipation of the second wave,” said Christian Dubé, Minister of Health and Social Services, during a press briefing on September 8, in order to detail the criteria that will dictate the measures. that the government could put back in place.

Mr. Dubé explained that this tool has two specific objectives: to have better predictability and to help individuals take responsibility. The system will guide the actions, but especially the decisions of the government in the coming months. The system has four stages identified by a color code. The green level represents vigilance, yellow represents early warning, orange represents moderate alert and red represents maximum alert.

“The second level, for me, is the first red flag. This means that transmission is starting to increase and that we will have to redouble our efforts, ”explained Mr. Dubé, adding that certain regions are“ already in the yellow ”. Between August 15 and September 5, the Montérégie remained on the first level, according to the data presented by Mr. Dubé.

Since the virus does not evolve in the same way in all regions, insisted Mr. Dubé, the Municipalities and MRCs will be called upon to collaborate with the government.

“There is no one who wants to return to confinement like the one we saw this spring.”

-Christian Dubé


When a region moves from one level to another, the government will observe “basic” criteria, namely the epidemiological situation, the control of transmission and the capacity of the health system. In addition, qualitative analyzes will complete these criteria. This will allow in particular to follow upward or downward trends and to determine which temporary measures must be applied.

In terms of “basic measures that could be strengthened”, Mr. Dubé mentioned that, if a region changes from green to yellow in advance, for example, access to public places could become more controlled and inspections carried out more. frequently. From the orange level, i.e. the moderate alert, the number of participants in an activity, currently set at 50, could be revised downwards, then in the event of a maximum alert, interregional trips could in particular be limited to essential services. .

“Those who doubt it… the virus is really here. He is really still present. Contamination is communal. It is spreading in our living and healthcare environments and even in our schools, ”the Minister underlined, recalling that everyone has a responsibility to take.