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Curve of infections by coronavirus in Mexico is flatter than other countries | The race

Coronavirus infections in Mexico.

Photo: Héctor Vivas / Getty Images

MEXICO – The country not only registers a smaller number of cases of COVID-19 per million inhabitants with respect to Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, but also its epidemic curve has been much flatter, said Jose Luis Alomy, Director General of Epidemiology.

“The Mexican curve in comparison with that of other countries is a much flatter curve and having had a similar beginning, with a similar trend, in relation to other countries the Mexican curve flattened and began to decrease in relation to others that did not follow this trend and rather increased, “he said at a press conference in National Palace.

He said the Mexican curve reached a plateau and later began with a decline

“In the case of the Mexican curve, it reaches a plateau that remains for several days and after maintaining a plateau it begins with that decline, which is what we have been discussing in recent weeks,” he said.

He added that the curves of Argentina and Colombia that rather from day 100 begin with an important transmission, an acceleration.

“We see the blue curve and the orange curve how they go up and even in recent weeks they have positioned themselves in the first places of transmission and, therefore, in the intensity of infections and cases that have been seen, even exceeding both curves, both that of Argentina and Colombia, to which I had been presenting U.S“, Stressed the official.

A assured that Argentina registers almost 250 cases per million inhabitants, Brazil almost 200, and Colombia just over 150, while Mexico barely exceeds 40.

He indicated that the scale of the Country is four times less than that of those nations.