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Doreen Assaad dissolves his caucus; Brossard elected officials will now sit as independents –

Brossard Mayor Doreen Assaad has dissolved her caucus. The elected representatives of Brossard will henceforth sit as independent advisers.

“Although we campaigned on common values ​​and commitments, the last three years have brought out divergent visions within the caucus on different issues, which is completely healthy and correct,” said the mayor in a press release. . However, as mayor, I have to defend the commitments and values ​​for which the population elected us. Rather than fall back into the culture of conflict as has too often been the case in Brossard, I am dissolving the caucus in order to allow everyone to speak independently and have the free will to be faithful or not to Brossard Ensemble commitments. ”

Ms. Assaad remains at the head of Brossard Ensemble and the party will continue to be active but, according to the mayoress, “certain changes are necessary to regain the synergy that animated us in 2017”. (GM)