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FestiVoix: shows in the swimming pool of the Exhibition Park – L’

The FestiVoix de Trois-Rivières has been working for several weeks on a project that will take place in the swimming pool of the Parc de l’Exposition and that will come to fruition this fall.

“The Exhibition Site is an exceptional architectural ensemble. There is something magical about the swimming pool and I have always had an interest in developing a project for this place and highlighting it, underlines Thomas Grégoire, general manager of FestiVoix de Trois-Rivières. The Art Deco style of the place, the particular dimension of the swimming pool and its unique style bring a really interesting visual aspect. At FestiVoix, it is important that our projects also highlight a place of heritage. ”

Impossible to obtain more details for the moment on the project in a more concrete way. We can however guess that it will probably be about the presentation of shows since a week ago, the City of Trois-Rivières authorized La Boîte Ronde Productions to “fly over the swimming pool of the Parc de l’Exposition, from the 20 September to October 10, in order to enhance the site, allow the webcast of FestiVoix shows and video editing ”.

Public health obviously remains a major issue in this project. “Since the start of the pandemic, the first priority of the projects that we have developed, such as the series Meet, is to comply with government guidelines. But hey, when we organize events, we are used to facing several challenges, ”concludes Thomas Grégoire.

The FestiVoix de Trois-Rivières will unveil the details of this project later this week. To follow at