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Four INE officials are linked to the process for corruption

A federal judge linked four officials of the National Electoral Institute (INE) to the trial for improper use of powers and powers derived from an irregular hiring for 105 million pesos, of which the institution paid 15 million.

They are Bogart Cristóbal Montiel Reyna, Executive Director of Administration of the INE; Miguel Ángel Romero Castillo, Deputy Director of Services; José Carlos Ayluarlo Leo, Director of Material Resources and Services; and Alejandro Mauricio Mateos Fernández, Deputy Director of Acquisitions.

The four officials were presented before the control judge of the Special Prosecutor’s Office in Combating Corruption (FECC) under the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), after the INE’s Internal Control Body (OIC) denounced them for the public tender that led to the contracting that was canceled by the OIC itself in August 2019.

The FGR reported that the control judge imposed on the officials the precautionary measure of periodic presentation before the Unit of Precautionary Measures of the Judicial Power of the Federation (PJF), in addition to the monitoring of the OIC of the INE, in relation to the contract by which they are linked to process.