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In suggestive poses, Suzy Cortez shows her rear with sinful thongs | The race

The model has a predilection for those garments that become small threads on her skin

Suzy Cortez He accelerated the heart rate of his followers by sharing on his Instagram account some fiery images in tiny underwear.

A few hours ago, the Brazilian ruffled the chicken coop with her statuesque figure, when posing sheathed with two sinful thongs in suggestive poses, same ones that let appreciate their rearguard of temptation.

Previously, Miss Bumbum also shared a video where she showed her voluptuous curves In tiny denim shorts and a white bathing suit on the shore of a beach.

It should be noted that Suzy has gained massive popularity on social media, and every time she makes a post, thousands of likes and good comments appear in a matter of minutes.

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