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Ivana Nadal posed in a top and a thong after her cosmetic surgery | The race

The model entered the operating room a few days ago to correct her breast implants

Five days after going through the operating room, Ivana nadal she posed in her underwear and showed the care she is taking after the corrective surgery of her breast implants.

“Eyes dazzled by the sun, a double bustier to take care of the new babies and a lot of desire to live”, wrote Nadal, and shared three photos posing with an animal print thong and an extra sports top to support her new breast implants.

In less than six hours it exceeded 100,000 likes. However, the model made the decision to limit the comments on her posts, within a week where she aroused much criticism for her statements.

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A couple of days after the surgery, he recorded several messages for his followers, where he told them that everything went better than expected: “I feel really well. I have no pain and I also want to thank you for all the love you are sending me by messages“.

Let’s remember that the influencer had said that when she was 18 years old, she had her first operation, and that after ten years with some complications, she decided to correct the imperfections. “My doctor found that I had a capsular contracture, and that’s what was causing me so much pain,” he explained.

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