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Marko Cortés invites Margarita Zavala and Felipe Calderón to the PAN

After the National Electoral Institute (INE) denied registration as a political party to the organization México Libre, the national leader of the PAN, Marko Cortés, invited former president Felipe Calderón and former presidential candidate, Margarita Zavala, to join the Blue and White team for join efforts, beyond personal projects, for Mexico.

In a virtual press conference, Marko Cortés said that the objective is to move Mexico forward by overcoming all differences and being clear that the objective is freedom, democracy, economic growth and everyone is welcome in the PAN.

“With all clarity I tell you, all those Mexicans who believe that Mexico requires counterweights, balances, that Mexico requires a new majority in the Chamber of Deputies are welcome in National Action, we said it in our National Assembly, precisely a year ago: we do a call to all Mexicans of good who have or have not been in the ranks of National Action, today we need to add efforts beyond our personal projects, the first thing is our country and we have to move it forward overcoming all our differences and being clear the objective is freedom, democracy, economic growth, support for each and everyone and in those coincidences, all Mexicans with whom we can coincide are welcome, ”said Marko Cortés.