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Mexico demands, more than ever, a space for balance: Silvano


The governor of Michoacán, Silvano Aureoles, affirmed that the National Conference of Governors (Conago) exhausted its function as a space to build alternatives and balances that the country demands.

The Conago space exhausted its function, its task of being a meeting space, a space for dialogue, a space for the construction of alternatives, a space for balances, something that Mexico demands today more than ever, our federative entities demand and demand. society in general ”, he expressed.

After the announcement made by the 10 governors that make up the Federalist Alliance, of separating from the Conago, the Michoacan explained that the determination is directed in a spirit of responsibility and not of divination or political blackmail.

It is not a boot, it is not a blackmail; It is a responsible decision because, as was well said here, we are obliged to care for and defend our states. That is our responsibility as democratically elected governors, “he argued.

The president highlighted the complex situation that the country is going through, and therefore Michoacán, in terms of health and the economy, derived from the covid-19 pandemic, where they have received little response from the central government.

The situation the country is heading to is really complex; We woke up today with the ungrateful figure of almost 68 thousand deaths and a number close to 700 thousand infected in the country ”, he warned.

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