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Muñoz Ledo registers with the INE as a candidate for the leadership of Morena

Federal deputy Porfirio Muñoz Ledo registered this afternoon to run for the national leadership of Morena.

At the same time, Senator Citlalli Hernández presented her registration, but to run for the party’s general secretary.

Accompanied by deputies and senators such as Lorena Villavicencio and Aleida Alavez, the two applicants were registered at the same time, although not in formula, since this figure was not included in the call.

The registration is carried out in the esplanade of the National Electoral Institute, where since last Saturday the process to compete for the national leadership of Morena began.

Previously, Gibrán Ramírez also registered to compete for the leadership and Yeidckol Polevnsky registers in a few moments.

Today is the deadline for the registration of applicants.