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The curious and funny accident that Francisca Lachapel suffered live | The race

Francisca lachapel has been part of the conduction of Wake up America Since 2015 and throughout all this time it has gone through great moments but also a couple of inconveniences. And it is that when you record a live program, anything can happen.

This is how the beauty queen lived during a broadcast of the program. It was 2018, the Dominican was about to start a segment next to her partner Karla Martinez when broke her heel and almost tripped.

“What happened? You’re good?” Martinez said with surprise, when he saw that Lachapel could not stand up. When Francisca’s curious accident was revealed, they started laughing.

While one said that this is probably a sign of good luck, the other said that she believed it was something like “Cinderella” and probably he would find his prince charming. In the end, the accident did not happen to adults and despite the fact that the driver bent her foot, she did not have to be treated by medical personnel.

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