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The hormonal diet: Regulates the endocrine system to lose weight and improve mood | The race

There are 16 types of hormones that affect the body’s ability to lose weight. Discover the immense benefits of a hormonal diet, lose weight and improve your mood

Hormones have a fundamental role in good functioning of the organism, are the chemical messengers of the body. They are related to very important aspects of health: metabolism, the transport of substances to the rest of the body, the reproduction, the state of mind and sexual appetite.

He endocrine system also called internal secretion gland systema, is the set of organs and tissues that secrete hormones. Some of the most popular and important are insulin, thyroid hormones, cortisol, growth hormone and those of a sexual nature. That is why ensuring a good hormonal balance it is related to absolutely all the well-being of the organism.

The hormonal imbalances deeply affect the operation of the endocrine system and this results from various changes in physical appearance, changes in weight and in the emotional state. Based on this in recent years, various health and wellness trends, as well as nutrition specialists have emphasized the importance of promote dietary guidelines that benefit hormonal health.

Such is the case of the book entitled “The hormonal diet” in which the benefits of regulating the endocrine system through diet are endorsed. The author of said content Dr. Natasha Turner, points out that they exist near 16 types of hormones that are related to direct effects on losing weight. Among the main ones stand out insulin, sex hormones, hormones that regulate stress and mood.

About the benefits of the hormonal diet:

The hormonal diet was created with the aim of balancing the relationship between the hormonal function and body weight and is based on the belief that it is difficult for people to lose weight for a hormonal malfunction. Its main objective is to reduce weight through a re-initiation of hormones, correcting any imbalance allows us to lose weight and maintain it in the long term.

Another of the great genius of this diet is that it is a lifestyle and diet, which directly benefits other aspects of health and well-being. It is directly related to a deep detoxification process, improves the functioning of important organs such as the liver and kidneys, may be the solution for solve libido and fertility problems.

This method is based on the equilibrium between three key aspects: eating habits, physical exercise and nutritional supplementation. Hormonal regulation is achieved through the quality of the food consumed, the time of day when meals are made and other aspects related to lifestyle.

Phases of the hormonal diet:

According to the book the diet has a duration of three weeks and is based on three phases or steps.

Phase # 1: correction of habits and customs

This stage is considered as the introduction, which is based on correct and establish eating habits. It is very important since the consumption of some nutrients and foods that are harmful to health is avoided. The main limitations are based on omitting the consumption of alcoholic drinks, with caffeine, gluten-containing foods, dairy products, foods rich in added sugars (the equivalent of all processed foods), red meat and citrus. Complementary to this, the consumption of fruits, vegetables, soybeans, plant drinks, nuts, and whole grains (ie gluten free). This phase could be compared to the benefits of Mediterranean diet of low glycemic index.

Mediterranean diet. / Photo: Shutterstock

Phase # 2: food reintroduction

As the name says post restrictions In the first weeks, comes the stage in which it is allowed to integrate the consumption of certain prohibited foods into the first phase. Although the list is long, there is a basic rule: avoid eating processed foods and fast foods. However some natural and healthy products like coffee, wine, citrus fruits, yogurt, and low-fat cheeses are good alternatives; although it is important to pay attention to individual tolerance each.

Coffee. / Photo: Pexels

Phase # 3: complementary measures

During this phase the important thing is to emphasize all those habits that are not related to food, but to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. That is why it is encouraged to take measures that enhance the benefits provided by the dietary guideline, physical activity becomes more relevant than ever. Exercising is related to unmatched benefits for toactivate hormones and promote emotional well-being, is a good supplement to regulate high levels of stress. Another of its advantages is related to improvements in sleep quality.

morning exercise
Exercise. / Photo: Shutterstock

As a conclusion we can say that the hormonal diet se relates to great qualities, mainly for its main objective of creating a real habit change and also because it promotes the zero consumption of processed foods and fast foods, which are directly related to a increased risk of chronic diseases. On the other hand it is a method that promotes harmony and balance in various important aspects for well-being: a diet rich in nutrients, good rest, physical exercise and emotional health.