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The LHSAAAQ confirms its return to the game – L’

After many relentless efforts, the Quebec Senior AAA Hockey League (LHSAAAQ) confirms the holding of its 2020-2021 season. Obviously, the current context of the pandemic has dictated certain important modifications to the operation of the league.

The Cloutier air conditioning in Cap-de-la-Madeleine has confirmed its presence, it moving to the old Coliseum in Trois-Rivières. It will be remembered that Formule Fitness de Bécancour has decided to withdraw this season for financial reasons.

The first change concerns the number of spectators authorized in the various amphitheatres of the circuit. The Quebec public health department currently authorizes gatherings of a maximum of 250 spectators (excluding players and staff).

The season kicks off on October 30 and although the season begins a month later than normal, a 22-game season is still scheduled. Consequently, the regular schedule and the playoffs will be shifted.

In order to reduce the financial pressure on the organizations, it was decided by all the governors to increase the entrance fee to $ 15 in all the amphitheatres of the league. The management and allocation of season tickets will be determined independently by each concession.

Training camp: new adapted formula

A preparatory calendar will be drawn up to allow players to benefit from adequate training. In order to alleviate the logistical challenges inherent in the organization of these matches, a “mini tournament” type formula will be developed (details will be communicated in due course). (JC)