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The unbeatable benefits of eating rice: two very healthy summer recipes to enjoy it | The race

Rice is one of the most fundamental cereals in the diet and one of the best sources of energy. It is generous, versatile and very healthy, full of medicinal benefits

Rice is one of the most important foods in the basic basket from many cultures around the world. Is he second most consumed cereal and it is so popular that there are numerous variants, however it is mainly divided into two categories: white and integral and its difference lies in the processing method.

Rice is the seed of the plant Oryza sativa and it is the most produced cereal in the world, largely for this reason it is one of the more accessible and easy-to-buy products. At the same time it is distinguished by a unmatched consistency and neutral flavor that allow it to be combined with all kinds of foods, the reality is that its multiple culinary uses they are impressive. It is the base ingredient in soups, main dishes, side dishes, bakery and desserts.

Between the immense benefits of rice consumption is your great nutritional potential and medicinal. It is considered one of the better and healthier sources of energy, this is due in large part to its high content of carbohydrates. It also stands out for its content in fiber and other essential nutrients, as is the case with vitamins like B1, B3, and folic acid; It is also related to a wealth of minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

Its consumption is related to great benefits for cardiovascular health, This is largely due to its low in cholesterol and sodium, you also have to see your antioxidant power. At the same time it is considered a good food for boost brain function, this is because stimulates neuroprotective enzymes in the brain and prevents the appearance of diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is rich in natural antioxidants, among which some compounds stand out phenolic and flavonoids, which are of great help to combat the presence of free radicals in the body.

Also being a extraordinary source of fiber is related to a powerful satiating effect, than benefits weight loss. The consumption of brown rice is especially recommended to obtain a greater contribution of fiber, at the same time its consumption is a great digestive ally which is related to qualities for accelerate intestinal transit, stomach pains and conditions like heartburn or constipation.

Thanks to your immense versatility It can be used in numerous ways and best of all, in any time of the year is perfect. Although it is widely used in winter dishes, thanks to its warmth and comforting feeling; in warm summer it gives rise to unbeatable recipes.

1. Rice with mustard with vegetables

Rice can be the perfect main course, it all depends on the ingredients we add, it is therefore very common to add some meat and animal products. However vegetarian versions they are also a great success, they are lighter and easier to make, without a doubt the perfect complement to summer days. Such is the case of this mustard rice with mixed vegetables, the spicy taste of mustard brings a great touch of originality.

2. Brown rice with quinoa and mushrooms

Brown rice is a nutritional treasure, is distinguished by its high fiber content and provides fewer calories. Combine it with quinoa and mushrooms take your nutritional qualities, makes it a very complete and nutritious dish. At the same time it is related to great benefits for the digestive, intestinal, nervous system and strengthens the immune system. It is perfect for people who are taking care of the line, who do a lot of physical activity and who follow vegan and vegetarian diets.