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These will be the requirements to legalize cars in Mexico | The race

Border crossing between the US and Mexico.

Photo: David McNew / Getty Images

The car import Americans to Mexico has been creating controversy for some time now, this fact has even affected the automotive industry in the Aztec country, especially the sale of new cars.

One of the main problems with the entry of these vehicles to Mexico has to do with their regularization or legalization. When an imported car does not complete its nationalization in Mexico, but is still used like any other vehicle, it becomes known as a “chocolate car” or illegal car.

However, now the “Replenishment of Import Procedure” program it is an option to regularize these cars. And in case it is accepted, these will be the requirements to regularize chocolate cars.

The program to regularize chocolate cars

The program will be operated by REPUVE and 6 requirements to regularize these cars.

  • 1. It is planned that only one vehicle can be regularized per person and it must be physically presented with the vehicle to be regularized.
  • 2. The program plans to legalize only 2012 and earlier car models.
  • 3. A fee of 3,600 pesos will be paid, which includes the payment of three taxes; Value Added Tax (VAT), New Car Tax (ISAN) and Customs Processing Law (DTA).
  • 4. Vehicles must be in excellent mechanical condition and comply with environmental regulations.
  • 5. Cars must be from Canada, the United States or Mexico. Or have at least 62.5% of the parts and manufacturing of these countries, as established by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
  • 6. The program excludes luxury cars, sports cars, armored cars, with original modifications and with a theft report from the regularization.


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