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They praise deleting accounts; President says they attacked his administration

The President said that the accounts spread false news.


The President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, praised Facebook’s decision to eliminate 55 accounts financed from the United States of America and which attacked his administration with false news.

The President said that it was a good decision since one of the companies linked to the bribes of the oil company Odebrecht (CLS Strategies) was pointed out by the former director of Pemex, Emilio Lozoya, and appeared as a sponsor of the accounts canceled by the network after conducting an investigation and verifying that it was pretending to be an independent news site dedicated to attacking the Morena Party in Mexico and interfering in public affairs in Venezuela and Bolivia.

“We celebrate this because it helps a lot because of anonymity and especially because of the trafficking of lies paid in networks by political groups, vested interest groups, through robots, false pages, covering themselves with anonymity or selling advertising of that type, and yes it coincides, I had the doubt of Lozoya’s complaint that mentions that company, which operates in the United States, with what Facebook has just resolved, ”he stated yesterday at the National Palace.

López Obrador considered that this type of phenomenon is a plague that takes place all over the world.

He also indicated that it is more difficult for Twitter to carry out a transparency exercise like this one, although they will continue to insist to achieve a similar result as the one presented by Facebook.

Facebook’s decision also resulted in the cancellation of 36 Instagram accounts and 42 internet sites for the same behavior.

No more selling oil

The government of the Republic made the decision not to sell crude oil at the end of this six-year term, informed the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, predicting that oil reserves will be higher than those received by the current federal administration.

By rejecting that there was a drop in oil production in the first half of this year, President López Obrador clarified that his government’s strategy does not consist in extracting and extracting the fuel and then selling it.

It seeks to achieve self-sufficiency in terms of fuels and make a rational use of non-renewable resources.

“We are going to have more oil than we had projected and we have already made the decision not to sell crude oil at the end of the government, that we are going to process all production in our country and that there will not be an over-exploitation of crude because we want to stop Crude reserves to future generations, we are not going to overexploit oil, we will take care of it like never before, that is, we will try to leave more reserves than we receive ”, offered the president.

He stressed that the specific objective is self-sufficiency in diesel, as well as the production of gasoline for internal consumption, and that the extraction of up to 2,400,000 barrels per day has been established as a fuel production limit.

This, he said, as part of a rational policy for the use of oil.

He also stressed that his government will support the renewable energy sector, but not “from crooked businesses.”

“Of course, encouraging renewable energy sources, but really, not the crooked businesses of subsidized wind farms, we are thinking about rehabilitating hydroelectric plants, which is clean, renewable and low-cost energy and we have large dams, we have infrastructure” , the President explained, noting that this is the forward plan in energy matters in his government.