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“This will not be the last pandemic” so we must prepare, warns WHO | The race

The president of the World Health Organization pointed out that pandemics are present in the history of mankind

When the global numbers of sick people exceed 27 million people and deaths approach one million, and after more than six months of confinement and preventive measures, the prevailing question is when the current coronavirus pandemic will end.

While some experts point out that the emergency will last about two years, others point out that not only will we have several more months of global disease but this circumstance can, without a doubt, be repeated.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), warned that “this will not be the last pandemic”, so the world must prepare better for next time.

According to a report by Reuters, Dr. Ghebreyesus emphasized that “outbreaks and pandemics are a reality ”in the history of humanity, so it is time for the governments of the countries to invest in public health.

The also expert in immunology of infectious diseases emphasized that, for “when the next pandemic arrives, the world must be prepared, more prepared than this time”.

WHO has issued several calls to the world population and governments to take action to improve public health care, as well as to do not neglect preventive regulations to avoid the spread of COVID-19 despite the fact that some countries are resuming some of their activities.