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AMLO requests intervention of FGR for taking of La Boquilla in Chihuahua

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador requested the intervention of the Attorney General’s Office to investigate and establish responsibilities after a group of farmers took the La Boquilla dam in Chihuahua by force.

In his press conference, in the National Palace, the head of the Executive accused that there are political and electoral interests to take that dam that also provides water to the United States, to comply with a treaty in force since 1944.

“Yes, yesterday there was a mobilization of peasant farmers and politicians and they took over the La Boquilla dam that was being used to fulfill the commitment that water must be delivered to the United States in accordance with the 1944 treaty, but since there are electoral political interests This very unfortunate flag was seized upon what happened “.

President López Obrador stressed that the National Guard prudently withdrew from that dam to avoid a confrontation.

“Elsewhere in another dam there was also a confrontation and an investigation of everything that happened is being carried out.”

He pointed out that the dam had to be closed in order not to fall into the provocation, because in the morning the governor of Chihuahua and PAN leaders met, who led a rally and then and then there was a march towards the dam.

“And they did not go, but they distributed sticks and took the prey, I think the National Guard did well and did not confront the protesters; that is, it was something quite well orchestrated, very unfortunate that this happens because many interests are involved, not only the political issue there also a kind of ‘huichicol’ with water is water “.