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Attack against Afghan vice president leaves 10 dead and 15 injured

The convoy of Afghan First Vice President Amrulá Saleh, was the target of a bomb attack in central Kabul this Wednesday morning, government sources reported.

Afghanistan’s enemies tried again to attack the vice president first Amrulá Saleh this morning, “said Razwan Murad, Saleh’s press service chief. He added that “the terrorist attack failed and Saleh is safe and sound”. The Afghan authorities raised to 10 the dead and 15 the wounded in the attack.

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The attack took place first thing in the morning in Taimani Sabiqa Square in the Afghan capital. According to an aide to the vice president, who spoke to AFP under anonymity, a suicide bomber jumped into the air near the convoy chen Saleh came to his office.

In a video released hours after the attack, Amrullah Saleh addressed the nation from his office to ensure he was safe, although he was seen with his left hand covered with bandages due to minor injuries.

“Dear compatriots, this morning around 7:00 am (local time) when I was going to the office, in the Taimani area, a loud and shocking explosion took place as my convoy of vehicles passed“he explained in the video.

The vice president, who was traveling with his youngest son, Ebadullah Jan, suffered minor injuries, burns to his face and a minor hand injuryhe said, product of the wave by the explosion.

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I apologize to everyone who was injured or suffered financial loss

However, “many of our compatriots suffered casualties and economic lossesIt is a narrow street (with tire repair shops on both sides of the street). I do not know the exact magnitude of the losses, but I apologize to all those who were injured or suffered economic losses in the area due to the attack, “he lamented.

Abdullah, a merchant, explained that the explosion shattered his windows. “A store that sold gas bottles also caught fire, and the bottles exploded,” said this man who, like many Afghans, uses only one name.

Two explosions

At least two explosives were detonated in the area to the passage of the vice president’s convoy, “as a result, ten civilians, mostly workers in the area, died“and 15 others, including several of Amrullah Saleh’s bodyguards, were injured, Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian said in a statement.

The spokesman, who blamed the attack “on the enemy of Afghanistan,” without naming a specific group, said that the number of victims is not definitive and could increase in the next few hours.

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Images from the scene of the attack after the explosion showed significant damage to the area along with shattered facades and charred vehicle parts. Although the attack has not been claimed by any armed group in the country, the Taliban immediately disassociated themselves from the explosion.

“The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate (as the Taliban call themselves) are not related to the explosion in Kabul“said the main Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, on Twitter.

Saleh, known for his hostile positions with the Taliban, already survived an assassination attempt last summer during the presidential campaign, when a kamikaze and gunmen attacked his offices.

The attack caused at least 20 deaths, most of them civilians, and 50 wounded. This Wednesday’s attack took place at a time when Afghan negotiating team and Taliban move closer to starting negotiations of peace in Qatar.

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