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COVID-19: Sylvie Parent “took the necessary precautions” –

Even if two days elapsed between receiving the result of the COVID-19 screening test and the press release announcing it publicly, Mayor Sylvie Parent would have respected the directives of public health experts.

Mayor Sylvie Parent felt symptoms of COVID-19 last Friday. “A cough and some aches,” she described yesterday on Facebook. The symptoms have not worsened since then.

It was the next day, after learning that she had been in contact with someone with COVID-19, that Ms. Parent was tested. She received the results on Sunday and went into isolation. She issued a statement on the matter Tuesday morning.

Despite this delay, people who have been in contact with Ms. Parent were notified as soon as they received the positive test, on Sunday, says Mayoress Alexandra Lapierre’s press secretary. A procedure that respects the directives of public health experts who, in turn, lead the epidemiological investigation.

“Ms. Parent took the necessary precautions and followed all the instructions given,” says Ms. Lapierre.

“I consider myself very lucky because I know that is not the reality for everyone infected with this virus,” Ms. Parent wrote on Facebook. I therefore reiterate the importance, for each and every one of us, of respecting the rules of social distancing and the directives of Public Health. “

The mayor will continue her work by videoconference.

It is also on Zoom that the next council meetings will be held, which were to bring together elected officials behind closed doors for the first time since March.