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Deputy Board of Directors of the NL Congress leaves

Morena’s local deputy, Beatriz de los Santos, presented her resignation as second vice president in the NL Congress. Image taken from Twitter: @BettydlSantos


The local deputy of Morena, Beatriz de los Santos, resigned this Tuesday, September 8, her place on the Board of Directors of the local Congress, which for the first time in history is made up only of women.

The post to which the legislator resigned is that of second vice president of the Board of Directors, for which she was appointed just a week ago, on September 1, on the first day of activities of the last year of legislative activities.

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De los Santos addressed his letter to the President of Congress, María Guadalupe Rodríguez, informing her of his immediate and irrevocable resignation from his position.

“It is my will to resign immediately and irrevocably to the post of second vice-presidency of the Board of Directors of the Plenary of the Legislative Power for which I was elected by the members of the Legislature in the session of September 1.

“I inform you of the above, in order that my resignation be considered submitted, for the purposes of informing the Coordination and Internal Regime Commission (Cocri) of this Congress and continuing with the necessary procedures that allow covering the cited post, “reads the resignation letter.

The deputy from the first day she was appointed refused to be present in the place that corresponds to the second vice president of Congress in the plenary session of the legislative building.

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