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From Miami, Fernanda Castro exposes her beauty posing on her back in a bikini | The race

Angélica Rivera’s daughter appeared modeling a series of swimsuits with which she stole the hearts of her social media followers

Fernanda castro She once again fell in love with her followers on social networks after sharing a series of daring images in which she showed off her beauty.

From Mami, where she currently resides, the sister of Sofia Castro shared a sexy photograph in which she posed with her back to the camera while wearing a two-piece swimsuit with a black and white print, with which she fell in love with the users who follow her on her official account of Instagram.

Although the image was only described with the word “Blue”, the daughter of Angelica Rivera and the producer José Alberto “El Güero” Castro She received hundreds of flattering messages congratulating her on showing her natural beauty.

The parade of sensual bikinis did not end there, since days before she revealed another sensual photograph in which she appeared with a two-piece swimsuit in black, with which she once again conquered the hearts of thousands of followers.

I want to think that I can get you out of my dreamsWas the romantic phrase he used on this occasion to describe the photograph.

With another post made days before in which Fernanda was captured from above wearing a flirty bikini, Sofia Castro revealed that she is in charge of carrying out the photo shoots: “Why you never give me creditAsked the star of ‘The Dragon’.