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Gas leak causes mobilization in Lomas de Sotelo


For more than an hour firefighters and personnel from a natural gas company worked during the early morning to control a natural gas leak that was registered on Rodolfo Gaona avenue and the corner of military engineers in the Lomas de Sotelo Housing Unit neighborhood in the mayor’s office. by Miguel Hidalgo.

The leak that originated from the fissure of a 6-inch pipe while carrying out drainage works caused an intense white cloud which activated the security protocols by the authorities that closed Rodolfo Gaona avenue in both directions crossing the patrols and cordoning off the area.

Despite the loud noise that caused the escape and the mobilization of emergency teams, very few owners left their homes, in fact, many of them did not even realize the emergency.

The work to control the leak was supported by personnel from the natural gas company and water jets, to avoid a spark when placing a dam that caused the leak to occur and with this the risk of an explosion decreased.

Finally it was at the edge of 2:30 in the morning that the leak was repaired, causing the few neighbors who went out to the street to return to their homes and the circulation of Rodolfo Gaona Avenue was opened.

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