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Here’s your chance to make history – L’

The new law that led to the abolition of 70 of the 72 school boards (only two kept this name) has now passed, which means that the Chemin-du-Roy school board has become the Center de services scolaire du Chemin-du-Roy. And for the first time in its history, it invites the population to fill the last places available to sit on its very first board of directors.

The Chemin-du-Roy School Service Center will count on 15 people to sit on the said board of directors, ie five staff members, five parents and five community members.

“Given the new law, that leads us to move from school governance, formerly with elections, to a board of directors. I therefore invite all people driven by educational success to apply, ”said the Director General of the Chemin-du-Roy School Service Center, Luc Galvani.

“Obviously, we have very specific profiles to look for. We need a person with expertise in governance, ethics, risk management or human resources management, and a person with expertise in financial or accounting matters, or in financial or material resource management. We also need someone from a community, sports or cultural background, someone from municipal, health, social services or business circles, as well as someone between the ages of 18 and 35. ”

The board of directors will take office on October 15 and the first meeting is scheduled for October 21. According to the Education Act, the functions and powers of the board of directors are to ensure that adequate support is provided to schools and centers, to ensure the relevance and quality of the educational services offered by the School Services Center, and to ensure the effective and efficient management of human, material and financial resources.

“We are looking for people who are close and involved in daily educational success,” added Élyse Giacomo, secretary general of the Chemin-du-Roy school service center. “As far as the committee is concerned, we are talking about 50 to 70 hours of involvement per year, so it is a significant investment of time and must be taken seriously. The ministry has also talked about an allowance that will be given to members, but that remains to be determined. ”

“Like the other board members, we’re talking about a three-year term. If several people apply for the same profile, the board members will meet to analyze the applications and an interview process may also be done. If a 33-year-old young entrepreneur is interested, he is invited to apply in two or three profiles to which he corresponds, ”she concludes.

Members of the community who meet the eligibility criteria have until September 22 (4 p.m.) to submit their application. All information, as well as the form to be completed, can be found via the