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If you cook meat in any of these 2 ways, your health is in danger | The race

A study found that cooking this food could make you more prone to developing different diseases

Who doesn’t enjoy a barbecue day with the family, especially during the summer? Absolutely everyone; however, one study explains that it’s very likely that the way you cook your meat could be putting your health at risk.

The study carried out by researchers from the University of South Australia (UniSA) and the National University of Gyeongsang, Korea found that some processed meat preparations could be harmful, since they increase a protein component that triggers heart disease, complications from diabetes and strokes.

“When red meat is seared at high temperatures, such as grilling, broiling or frying, it creates compounds called advanced glycation end products, or AGEs, which when consumed, can build up in your body and interfere with normal cell functions. ”, explained UniSA researcher Dr. Permal Deo.

Also, in the study that was published in the magazine Nutrients, The impact of 2 diets was tested: one rich in red meat and processed grains and the other high in whole grain dairy products, nuts and legumes, and white meats using steaming, boiling, stewing and poaching methods. This showed that a diet rich in red meat significantly increased AGE levels in the blood, suggesting that it may contribute to the progression of the disease.

“The message is pretty clear: if we want to reduce the risk of heart disease, we must reduce the amount of red meat we eat or be more considerate about how we cook it. Frying, broiling, and browning may be the preferred cooking methods of top chefs, but this might not be the best option for people looking to reduce their risk of disease. If you want to reduce your risk of over-aging, slow-cooked meals might be a better option for long-term health, ”added Professor Peter Clifton, a co-investigator at UniSA.