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PJF requests 826 mdp to guarantee security of judges in 2021

The Judicial Power of the Federation requested 826 million pesos to guarantee the safety of judges and magistrates during 2021.

According to the 2021 Federation Expenditure Budget (PEF) project, presented this Tuesday, the Federal Judicial Council (CJF), which expects to receive 64 thousand 44 million 622 thousand 895 pesos, requested to allocate more than 800 million pesos to protect its judges and magistrates.

“The challenge is to guarantee the protection and security of judges and magistrates, so that the administration of justice is shielded from the attacks of organized crime and those who seek to affect it through acts of corruption,” says the document.

In the proposal, it is established that the CJF is reviewing and improving its risk diagnosis procedures and the assignment and supervision of protection measures for judges and magistrates to prevent administrative processes from obstructing this action.

But it stresses that sufficient resources are required to accomplish this task.

“The security of those who judge redounds, ultimately, in strengthening the security work of the State itself,” said the CJF.

In the bill, the Council recalled that this year federal judge Uriel Villegas Ortiz and his wife, Verónica Barajas, were murdered inside their home in the state of Colima and stressed that the country’s insecurity crisis has not been unrelated to the PJF .

“The insecurity that for years has plunged the country into a crisis has not been unrelated to the Federal Judicial Branch. This year, we suffered the atrocious murder of a District Judge, derived from his commitment to the administration of justice of impartial way, “he says.

El Universal reported that at the end of 2019 the CJF received 303 requests from judges and magistrates to have security measures and 42 were assigned. This meant that during that year 11 armored vehicles were assigned to the judges, 12 bodyguards, 11 bulletproof vests and eight makeshift aids such as panic button telephones.

Thus, 91 judges and magistrates in total, until the court of 2019, had an armored vehicle, 89 with an escort service and 89 with a bulletproof vest.