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Possible case of COVID taken by the CNDH

One of the protesters who are inside the facilities of the National Commission for Human Rights (CNDH), located at Calle de República de Cuba 60, in the Historic Center of the City, could be a carrier of COVID-19, he warned the Secretary of Government.

He explained that last Monday, two ambulances from the Emergency Medical Rescue Squad (ERUM) arrived, with license plates MX845-C1 and MX846-C1, to assess a woman who is inside the commission’s facilities, who presented a saturation of oxygen considerably less than the minimum allowed for Mexico City and a temperature of 37 degrees.

Due to these characteristics, she was recommended to submit to the COVID-19 protocol and be transferred to a first contact hospital, which she declined, leaving another of the protesters responsible for her health.

“Faced with this situation, the Government of Mexico City has made an ambulance permanently available, which as of this September 8 will be placed on República de Chile street, in order to provide medical care to the lady. , as well as all the protesters who are occupying the premises, “said the agency in charge of Alfonso Suárez del Real.

Since September 3, members of the groups “Feministas Frente Nacional Ni una menos México” and “Aequus, Promotion and Defense of Human Rights” took over the facilities of the National Human Rights Commission of the Historic Center, demanding justice for the abuse sexual violence suffered by a minor at her school and for the murder of a 19-year-old in San Luis Potosí.