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South American women ‘fall’ from buildings, die and there are no detainees


The stories of three women from South America ended in tragedy; all three “fell” from a balcony or a building window, their partners were with them at that time and none of them are detained.

They came to Mexico with the dream of success, they were looking for fame and fortune, however, their life ended badly.

First case: Alexa Pulido, Alejandra or Aleja, came from Colombia with the idea of ​​recording an album, she sang electronic music, she was 27 years old. In 2012 she suspiciously “fell” from a building in the Parques Polanco shopping center, she fell from a seventh floor. Her partner Jorge Julio Jiménez was with her and since then he said that he did not attack her that she fell because she was drunk, was dancing and stumbled backwards. The family does not believe this version.

Second case: Vanessa Vargas, arrived in 2015 from Brazil, she was 27 years old and wanted to be a model. In February 2015, cleaning workers found her dying on a sidewalk on Oaxaca Street in Roma, she was taken to the Rubén Leñero Hospital still alive, but there she died. Vanessa was also with her partner before her fall, the man is a businessman named Eugenio Kuri, when she was lying in the street, he got into a Cadillac car and left her there. She argued that she was afraid of being accused of something and left. The case is still being investigated as femicide, but there are no detainees.

Third case: Sarai Soto arrived from Venezuela to try to be a model, on June 16, 2020 she was found lifeless on the roof of an apartment building. She was 26 years old. The young woman was also dedicated to being a companion and that is why she had problems with her boyfriend. The only one who was with her on the day of her death was precisely her boyfriend, he was arrested, but gave the name and information of another subject, accused him and now they are investigating what relationship he would have with the girl. The boyfriend only said that they argued and finally she launched herself.

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