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The US announces the withdrawal of more than 2,000 soldiers from Iraq at the end of the month

The United States announced on Wednesday the withdrawal of 2,200 military personnel that it maintains deployed in Iraq and will do so at the end of this month of September, according to its main officer in the Middle East, thus formalizing a long-awaited decision.

General Frank McKenzie has indicated that the current contingent of about 5,200 soldiers will be reduced to 3,000 troops throughout the month of September. These soldiers will continue to provide advisory and support work to the Iraqi security forces in order to “destroy the remnants” of the jihadist group Islamic State. “We continue to increase our training programs for the Iraqi forces in order to reduce our presence in Iraq,” said the general during a visit to the country.

In August, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, already advanced his intention to withdraw all the American troops that are still deployed in Iraq as soon as possible. That was, in fact, one of his electoral promises of 2016, where he also opted for the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan and Syria. In recent days, in addition, the Republican has been involved in a controversy for his alleged contempt for soldiers killed in combat, which he has denied, so this announcement will help him to try to approach a crucial part of his electorate .

Likewise, the Iraqi Parliament voted at the beginning of the year to withdraw the foreign troops that still remain in the country, including those from the United States and other countries of the international coalition.