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They evicted the National Guard from the La Boquilla dam

Armed with sticks and hoes, Chihuahua producers evicted elements of the National Guard from the La Boquilla Dam to close the gates and prevent the extraction of water into the United States.


Armed with sticks and hoes, thousands of peasants, women, elderly and children from various municipalities confronted elements of the National Guard and managed to evict them from the La Boquilla dam, in San Francisco de Conchos, to close the vent gates and prevent extraction. of water.

The peasants endured tear gas and resistance from the National Guard, but outnumbered the uniformed men, who loaded their belongings into several vans and withdrew to avoid further damage.

Civil Protection reported half a dozen peasants with minor injuries, derived from the brawl, and there are no reports from the National Guard.

The camp that was in the place was burned by some protesters.

In this regard, the governor of Chihuahua, Javier Corral Jurado, called on the federal government to provide a definitive solution to the water problem in the face of a severe drought faced by local producers.

The closing of the gates is to prevent the National Water Commission (Conagua) from extracting water from the Chihuahua dams to comply with the International Water Treaty.

On August 19, hundreds of peasants aboard their vans, tractors and trucks entered the city of Chihuahua to gather at the government palace, protesting Conagua’s extraction of water from local dams.

Producers from several municipalities such as Delicias, Camargo, Meoqui, Jiménez and Aldama were involved, who demanded that the state and federal governments stop extracting water from the El Granero, La Boquilla and Las Vírgenes dams, with which the quota is paid. to the United States for the International Water Treaty.

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