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Tough measures are announced for Halloween, what will the “trick or treating” look like this year? | The race

It’s going to be a very atypical Halloween this 2020

Photo: Aurelia Ventura / Impremedia / La Opinion

Time passes and Halloween it’s almost around the corner. But far from being a terrifyingly fun party, this year perhaps only the scariest scenario remains, without so much fun.

What is Halloween without trick or treating? The residents of Los Angeles County they’re about to find out.

For reasons related to the coronavirus, the county Department of Public Health has banned door-to-door or car-to-car trick or treating for Halloweenalong with Halloween parties, carnivals, and haunted houses.

In the last update of health orders for coronavirus, the Department of Public Health states that such activities represent a too high risk of spreading COVID-19.

“Given that some of the traditional ways in which this holiday is celebrated do not allow to minimize contact between people who are not members of the same household, it is important to plan in advance and identify safer alternatives”, it can be read in the guide posted on the agency’s website.

On Halloween, the following activities are prohibited:

– Trick-or-treating or “car-to-car” door-to-door events, in which children collect candy from house trunks and parked cars;
– Parties or meetings with people outside the residents’ homes;
– Carnivals, festivals, live entertainment and “haunted house attractions”.

So what can you do?

Depending on the county, online parties or gatherings are allowed. There are also online contests, such as pumpkin carving or fancy dress, as well as car parades and other activities such as drive-in movies.

Distribution of “goody bags” through the car may be allowed, but is limited to “Commercially packaged non-perishable treats”, and recipients must remain in their vehicles.

Self-service movie nights are also accepted, along with “Halloween-themed meals at outdoor restaurants,” art installations, and home and yard decorations.

As always, people participating in these events should wear a mask, maintain social distance, and comply with other health requirements, such as frequent hand washing and avoiding confined spaces.