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Trump Suggests Sending Stimulus Checks With $ 300 Billion Of Coronavirus Relief Funds | The race

The president had said shortly before that Americans do not need a second direct payment

Trump acknowledges that only Congress can allocate the money for direct payments.


President Donald trump said last Friday during a press conference that the federal government has $ 300,000 million that were meant to help him coronavirus and that they have not been used and encouraged Congress to use them to Send stimulus checks.

“Now we have $ 300,000 million in an account that we do not use, $ 300,000,” he said. “I would be willing to release [es dinero], dependent on Congress, and use it as stimulus money. And it would reach the American people. “

“All Congress has to do is say yes, ‘use it,'” the president added. “I would like to use it without your permission, but i think i can’t do it. I already asked. So Congress just has to say, ‘use it.’

However, about three weeks earlier, the president – who has typically shown his support for sending the stimulus check – said in Bedminster, NJ, that citizens didn’t need another round of stimulus check.

“The country is doing very well right now,” said the president. “We can live very happily with or without” another stimulus package, I consider. “We have achieved everything we wanted and we have also achieved a great economy. All you have to do is take a look at these charts. Our economy is doing well, “he added.

However, on the same day, the president tweeted that he had “ordered [al secretario del Tesoro, Steven Mnunchin] prepare to send direct payments ($ 3,200 for a family of four) to all Americans. The Republicans are resisting this! “