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Videos of Shakira and Alejandro Sáenz that would prove an old romance come to light | The race

The chemistry and sensuality that existed between them aroused suspicions among fans

Between 2005 and 2007, Shakira and Alejandro Sanz they got together to record the hits “La Torture” and “I appreciate it, but no”, the chemistry and sensuality that existed between them aroused suspicions among fans about the existence of a possible romance between the two.

Now, the appearance on the networks of a series of very suggestive videos recorded in those years by the two singers increases the suspicions that something more than an artistic collaboration may have happened between them.

The spicy note that these recordings bring is that, at that time, the Colombian star was dating Antonio de la Rua, son of the former president of Argentina, Fernando de la Rúa.

In the videos, which the user @WWSHAK put into circulation on his Twitter account and which soon went viral and made his fans speak, Shakira is seen speaking to Sanz -who does not appear on the scene-, in a dialogue that does not escape from flirting or constant seduction.

In the first of the three recordings, there is talk, albeit indirectly, of Shakira’s ex-boyfriend. “I loved the song you wrote to Antonio“, Says Sanz, referring to the theme of the Colombian” January Day. ” “Did you like it?” She asks. “A lot,” the Spanish responds. It is very beautiful, they have never written me a song like this ”. “Me neither,” she retorted, smiling.

Well, what do you think if we write those songs?“, He attacks. “Go aheadShe replies, and they both laugh. Then, both of them throw flowers with respect to the talent that each one has, and everything ends in a long silence and a suggestive look from her. To add a current spice to the situation, the user who uploaded this video titled it: “Shakira and Alejandro Sanz: an eternal love.”

In a second video, Shakira appears sitting on the threshold of a building and the Spaniard asks her, openly: “Because you are so pretty? Well, that question will have been asked many times“. And they both laugh at the situation. “All the attraction, all the tension,” wrote the user in his post.

And in the third and last recording that came to be broadcast these days, Shakira plays at introducing herself to Sanz and shaking his hand – in fact, she stretches her arm towards the camera. “A pleasure, ”he says, adding. Hey, don’t touch me there“.

Then, while she touches her lip and smiles, the singer asks her: “Is sensuality part of your everyday life?“. And she replies: “Yes, sensuality, and sensuality. It’s the little that we have left in life, right?“. “Well if you tell me with that face, well yes“, He replies, before she closes with a reflection:” Beauty and the sensorial. Art is a child of this marriage ”.

The users of the network flooded the posts of comments in which they highlighted the supposed sensual tension that existed between them.