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Which secretariats will have the largest budget in 2021?

The federal government proposes that the Expenditure Budget of the Federation 2021 has an expenditure of 6 trillion 257 thousand million pesos, after being approved this year 6 trillion 70 billion pesos.

This figure means a nominal increase of 3.1% or 187 billion pesos during 2021. However, when inflation is discounted, it represents a decrease of 0.3% with respect to 2020.

It is proposed that the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare be the agency that tightens the belt the most during the following year, whose budget would go from 29.9 billion pesos in 2020, to 23.8 billion in 2021.

It is followed by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, with an expenditure of 20.2 billion pesos for next year, after having 24.5 billion in 2020; continuing with the Office of the Presidency of the Republic, whose budget would drop from one billion pesos to 800 million.

Among the autonomous bodies, the lowest budget for the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) stands out, which would be 7.7 billion pesos in 2021, less than half that of the 17.1 billion in 2020.

At the other extreme is the Ministry of Tourism as the agency that would earn the most budget, which would amount to 38.6 billion pesos during 2021, seven times more than the 5.2 billion approved for 2020.

The estimated resources for the Sectur in 2021 were directed to the implementation of actions to continue with the execution of the Mayan Train project, the execution of routine maintenance projects and major maintenance of the Integrally Planned Centers (CIPs) and the Integral Tourism Projects (PTIs ), with which it is sought to maintain the urban image of the developed areas, the promotion of investment in the country through the commercialization of existing projects in the CIPs and PTIs, as well as in the sustainable development poles that will be created along the Mayan Train route and the development of new detonating tourism projects.

Meanwhile, the budget of the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development increases from 11.3 billion pesos to 16.6 billion.

Among the autonomous bodies, the National Electoral Institute stands out, with a budget of 17.2 billion pesos to 27.7 billion pesos.

The 2021 Federation Expenditure Budget project is part of the Economic Package for the following year prepared by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

The budget describes the amount, the form of distribution and the destination of the public resources of the three powers (Executive, Legislative and Judicial), of the autonomous bodies, such as the National Electoral Institute and the National Human Rights Commission. as well as transfers to state and municipal governments.