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Eric Scmidt, Former Google CEO, Takes a Bargain and Buys a 100-Year-Old Mansion in Montecito | The race

The mansion had a starting price of $ 57.5 million, but Eric Schmidt paid only $ 30.8 million for it.

Eric Schmidt made himself one of the most desirable mansions in California.

Photo: Rob Kim / Getty Images

Eric Schmidt, who is regarded as the gare responsible for the success of Google, made headlines a few days ago after it became known that he had acquired one of the most desired and coveted mansions in Montecito, California.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the mogul is the new owner of Solarium, a house built in 1914 by Frederick Forrest Peabody, one of the most famous and beloved characters in the area of Saint Barbara, because thanks to their help, the city was rebuilt after the 1925 earthquake.

Solana, located at number 256 Eucalyptus Hill DriveIt is not only famous for the person who had it built, but it is also famous for having received great personalities from national politics, as is the case of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

Despite its great historical value, the sale of the house became a real ordeal for its former owners, who in 2012 announced it in $ 57.5 million dollars.

The lack of buyers caused them to have to lower its price over and over again, and until 2020 they managed to find a buyer willing to acquire it.

The mansion was sold in $ 30.8 million, that is to say, $ 26.7 million less of what its then owners thought to receive for it.

Despite its age, the property was completely remodeled by Sandi and Bill Nicholson, after they bought it, in 1999, for $ 5.25 million. Back then it was very run down and neglected.

“It was in an advanced state of disrepair. Part of the roof had collapsed and about 100 pigeons settled inside. Instead of a restoration, it was a reconstruction, ”Nicholson acknowledged at the time.

Eric Scmidt’s new property is located in a 11.4 acre lot, has a construction of 22,729 square feet and with spectacular views, from any point, of the Pacific Ocean and the mountains of Santa Ynes.

The house, which is divided into three wings, has seven bedrooms, 20 bathrooms, chef-style kitchen with stainless steel appliances, breakfast bar, living room, beauty salon, gym, wine cellar, library and various spaces for recreation.

The master suite is not only striking for its size, but also for its limestone fireplace dating back to the 18th century and its crystal chandeliers.

Outside there are extensive gardens with a greenhouse, an orchid house, an art studio, a swimming pool, various terraces and a turtle pond.

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