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Who are the 9 million people who will receive a letter from the IRS to claim unprocessed stimulus check? | The race

Most of this group are people who do not have to file taxes due to low income or because they are unemployed

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Millions of Americans will begin receiving a letter from the United States later this month. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) which indicates that they could be eligible for the stimulus check and that they must provide their information for the agency to process the payment.

Notice 1444-A

The notice, known as Notice 1444-A, would be sent to some 9 million people who have not yet received the economic impact payment distributed by that office since April.

Most of this group are people who do not have to file taxes because of low income or because they are unemployed.

In order to process the minimum payments of $ 1,200, the IRS has relied on the tax information of the recipients.

For the same reason, if a person did not file taxes for 2018 or 2019, the office lacks the data to process the payment.

In the IRS statement this week, it is specified that the correspondence will be sent to people who did not file a return in previous years.

However, the entity did not specify how they selected the people who will receive the letter. What is indicated is that “based on internal analysis, these are people who do not normally have a requirement to file tax returns because they appear to have very low income, based on forms W-2, 1099 and other tax returns. third parties available to the IRS. But many in this group are still eligible to receive an economic impact payment. “

IRS Notice 1444-A will include information about eligibility criteria and how eligible recipients can claim an economic impact payment on The sending of the letters will begin on September 24; the sender’s space will include an IRS address. You can view a copy of the letter (PDF) on


Potential beneficiaries must provide their data to the IRS through the “Non-filers” tool enabled for these purposes shortly after the distribution process begins under the CARES law.

Non-Filers It was designed for people with incomes less than $ 24,400 for married couples, and $ 12,200 for singles. This includes couples and individuals who are homeless.

Users will have until October 15 to use the free tool and submit the information so that the payment can be processed.

The IRS said that more than seven million people have used the Non-Filers service to sign up for a payment. Those who cannot access that system can file a simplified paper return under the procedures outlined in the Economic Impact Payment FAQ on

“The IRS has made an unprecedented outreach effort to make sure people are aware of their potential eligibility for an economic impact payment this year,” said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig. “Millions who do not normally file a tax return have already registered and received a payment. We take this extra step to help Americans who may not know they might be eligible for this payment or don’t know how to sign up for one. People who are not required to file a tax return can quickly register on and get their money this year. “

The statement also clarifies that people do not necessarily have to wait for the letter.

“Time is running out this year for the IRS to issue payments,” Rettig recalled. “People who don’t normally file a tax return shouldn’t wait to see if they get one of these letters. They can review the guidelines and sign up now if they’re eligible. “

Another option people have is to wait until next year and claim it as a credit on their 2020 federal tax return by filing in 2021.

In theory, the IRS is supposed to have already finalized the distribution of checks under the CARES Act, passed last March in federal Congress.

However, it continues to process payments in specific cases such as the one mentioned.